Travel will inspire cake design…

Recently, I had a Sangeet cake.  The Bride really loved Indian folklore prints and we were looking to incorporate those threaded designs onto a cake.  We steered a little bit more in the direction of another pattern when she sent me pinterest pics of the detail of the Taj Mahal.  I recognized it instantly from my travels to Agra in 2007.  With the pics I took up close of the intricate inlay work and from google images…we were able to come up with a unique cake.  To top off the design, we choose a lotus blossom candle holder.  Since the candle holder was no longer available for sale, I made this out of sugar, airbrushed in gold and put a LED flickering candle in there.  I love to add these kind of elements that may be a bit of surprise to the guests when they see their cake light up a little bit.

Sangeet.TajMahal 7.3.14

And the best part, may have come when they cut the cake and enjoyed the flavor of Chai Tea Spice Cake infused with flavors of Cardamom, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ginger paired with Cream Cheese Buttercream.

collage taj

Photos from our travel to Agra in 2007