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First Year Anniversary Cake – save it or devour it?

Why do I provide a 1st Year Anniversary Cake?
As traditions continue, you probably ask yourself…do I really want to eat a cake that has been frozen for a year? For me the answer would be NO!
I offer a 4″ First Year Anniversary cake either as the cake topper to give more height or I package, wrapped in plastic wrap in a small box. Often at weddings the couple is too busy to sit down to eat food or cake. I recommend that you take that little box of wrapped cake on your honeymoon. We all know you will be burning calories from all the extra curricular activities and you will be hungry…
If you choose to freeze for a later occasion, please follow the steps below to ensure proper storage to avoid freezer burn:

Freezing – Place cake in refrigerator to harden the icing, Wrap tightly with plastic wrap a couple times, place in freezer bag and press as much air out of it as possible, put in a box just big enough to hold the cake, wrap the box with aluminum foil and make sure to label (you don’t want to forget about it).

Defrosting – Defrost your cake by pulling it out of the freezer and into the fridge the day before, unwrap the layers as the cake defrosts and pull from fridge 1-2 hours to bring the cake up to room temperature.

Even after taking all precautions, you must remember that you are eating food that is a year old so there is no guarantee as to the taste. You can ask your baker to recreate a small cake or they may even share the recipe with you….if you ask nicely 😉